K2.net 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS)

Another comment re: devK2.net (good to see that people are jumping onboard !) – this time from Tim Knechtel (K2.NET, Redmond).  This is in relation to this post from January about the workflow presentation I gave at MOSSIG.

My comment was :

…the integration with MOSS is limited to some extent – not much more that with SPS-2003. Such as the inability to interact with InfoPaths “Forms Server” forms – that’s coming in vNext (code named Black Pearl – just hit Beta).

At the time, the integration with MOSS was limited, with my personal experience only with the MOSS beta 2 version, and beta-SP4 of K2.NET 2003. Things have changed (in the last few months) – firstly, the MOSS product has RTM’ed, and being rolled out to many sites.  Secondly, the SP4 for K2.NET 2003 was released (November ?) – allowing .NET 2.0 and many other niceties, such as logging and perf-mon frameworks.

And – there’s also the K2.net Additional Components for MOSS 2007 which were released in February.   Following comment from Tim :  

K2.net 2003 with the MOSS components can work with the InfoPath Forms Server but you need to do additional configuration steps with the InfoPath form. 

The following KB article outlines the steps that are necessary to get this to work: 


So – if you’re using K2.NET 2003, there’s no reason NOT to upgrade your Sharepoint installation to the MOSS-2007 version.  Don’t need to wait for Black Pearl !

The following blurb is from the help file that comes along with the download (added to the K2.NET help during installation) :

The K2.net Additional Components for MOSS 2007 include new web services for MOSS 2007 that allow K2.net 2003 to integrate with MOSS 2007 as a SharePoint server. The update applies to your MOSS 2007 farm or the physical servers where MOSS 2007 web application components are installed. To download, proceed to the following URL: http://portal.k2workflow.com/downloads/product.aspx

K2.net 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Interoperability

K2.net 2003 is able to create, update and delete content and any associated metadata within MOSS 2007. The following integration points are now fully supported by K2.net 2003:

  • Access to content in MOSS 2007 lists
  • Access to files in document libraries including access to their associated metadata
  • Ability to create workspaces used for collaboration, tracking, and content management
  • Access to forms libraries including form data and metadata
  • Ability to leverage MOSS event handling (for example, upon document insertion) to initiate workflow
  • Ability to support both Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 and Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007

To leverage Forms Server 2007 (InfoPath web forms) in the 2003 InfoPath templates, see instructions in KB000164 – K2.net 2003 with InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2007 Forms Services.

With the roll-up of Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) into the Sharepoint product (ECM/WCM), does this mean that the MCMS connector for K2.NET is now redundant ?   

I would expect so, now that the “Additional Components for MOSS 2007” are available.  


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