K2 [blackpearl] – Sharepoint Process Designer

One of the cool new tools/utilities as part of the K2.NET Black Pearl suite is the Sharepoint Process Designer, which allows a user (business user) to create a workflow within a browser.  Of course, there is a lot of functionality that is somewhat limited, with the Visual Studio process designer providing much more functionality. 

Click here to see a video clip of this in action.

Following a session @ MOSSIG last night, it looks like the Nintex Workflow 2007 product is aimed at a similar audience, with similar functionality. 

Nintex Workflow 2007™ extends Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to provide advanced workflow capabilities via a graphical web based interface embedded within SharePoint. Nintex Workflow empowers users across the organization to automate business processes, review workflow activities and automate common SharePoint administrative tasks.   (screenshot below)

The developers have acknowledged that it’s not in the same market as K2.NET – but rather aimed at smaller-scale businesses – and it’s Sharepoint only.  It can be viewed as something like Sharepoint Designer “on the web” – serves a purpose, but I’m sure a lot of organisations (corporate customers) will soon out-grow it’s capabilities.

The recently download’able PDF series about Black Pearl includes some more information about the K2.NET Black Pearl Sharepoint Process designer (& MOSS Integration):

 K2 “BlackPearl” provides a number of design canvases to give an application or process owner the ability to create and manage applications. The K2 “BlackPearl” Web Workflow Designer can be surfaced within MOSS for solutions built to run within the MOSS environment.

For example, the Marketing Director can build and deploy the logo approval process using a simple drag-and-drop web interface. They can route to MOSS users and setup escalations as necessary. They have the ability to create supporting forms and reports. They can reuse common activities leveraged across the business and data from legacy systems. The process is completely executable and supported with the robust capabilities of the K2 “BlackPearl” Server.

K2.NET Black Pearl Web Workflow Designer

Click here for more information.


2 thoughts on “K2 [blackpearl] – Sharepoint Process Designer

  1. My comment related to a “functional” scalability rather than technical.

    As NW2007 is incorporated into Sharepoint, the # users, servers, etc is the same as for Sharepoint.

    But – the functionality is much LESS than K2.NET Black Pearl – limited to the Sharepoint Web Designer.

    This is more related to a ‘business’ scalability – more features / functionality.

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