The next generation K2.NET software to be named K2 ‘BlackPearl’

Anoter story/article about K2.NET Black Pearl.   Have been watching some webcasts about the new functionality & feature-set.  More to follow.

K2 “BlackPearl” evolves the 2003 platform to meet customer needs for rapidly building and adapting business applications. Building software is too expensive today. It is too complex. It takes far too long.

K2 “BlackPearl” is intended for a new generation of business and technical users who want the ability to actively collaborate in assembling enterprise Business Process Applications (BPAs) more quickly, with more agility, and better quality than with existing technology.

K2 “BlackPearl” extends 2003 Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities to allow business and technical stakeholders to collaboratively design, execute, optimize, monitor, and report on process centric applications. It introduces new features to support business processes that are collaborative, non-linear, and serve to aggregate services, policies, and information stored across the organization —
with or without specific process automation.

Specific areas of investment within the K2 “BlackPearl” Business Process Application platform include:

  • Multiple design tools that allow all both business and technical users to actively participate in the creation of Business Process Applications that include processes, forms, reports, and policies.
  • Tools for visually creating business entities (customer, invoice, product, etc.) that span line of business applications and can be reused across applications and processes.
  • Design tools for creating reusable policies that allow for natural language and business or industry specific lexicon.
  • Microsoft SharePoint support that includes an embedded web based design canvas as well as Visio and Visual Studio wizards for no-code integration with SharePoint sites, workflows, search, libraries and lists.
  • Visual reporting design and execution tools that leverage SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.
  • Full upgrade and backward compatibility with 2003.
  • Data provisioning capabilities from existing data sources including line of business applications such as SAP and
  • An event bus allowing stakeholders to subscribe to changes in business data or status.
  • Powerful and flexible options for meeting scalability requirements.
  • Other features such as visual process debugging, process inheritance, granular security and more.

K2 “BlackPearl” has been released to a group of beta partners and customers and is scheduled for public release in mid 2007.

Source: ZPress: The next generation K2 software code named K2 ‘BlackPearl’


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