SQL Server error when installing Black Pearl (Beta 1 TR2)

Received a comment about problems when installing K2.NET Black Pearl.

I’d had the exact same problem when setting up my VPC.  The issue is – that when attempting to configure the SQL Server databases, a SQL Server authentication error is displayed.

I couldn’t work out what was wrong, as the rest of the installation had been fairly easy (just click Next>, Next>, Next>). 

So, I checked the event viewer – and found the following error message :

It looks like there is a user login required within SQL Server – and it’s not automatically created during installation.

Solution :  create a new user login called “K2SQL”

Looks like they forgot a step from the installation guide – I’ve logged this as an issue within the Beta site.

I initially tried to create the user account using “Windows authentication” – but that didn’t work.    So – had to try and figure out what the password was needing to be…    *hhmmm*

Well – the K2.NET “server” needs to know the login and password – so went to check the “config” file :

And so – there’s the password also.

Solution :  create a new user login : K2SQL     password : k2pass     


One thought on “SQL Server error when installing Black Pearl (Beta 1 TR2)

  1. Thanks for your feedback on improving the documentation.

    Just some pointers here.

    If you are using Windows Authentication, you need to make sure the windows account you are running the setup as has sufficient rights to create databases on the SQL server. This worked for us in our B1TR2 setups.

    For K2 installations, I normally recommend setting up with the “sa” account before hardening the installation. i.e. configuring K2 server to read using another SQL or Windows account and tightening up the security rights.

    I hope this makes sense.


    Johnny Fang | Solutions Manager | APAC

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