K2 BlackPearl – Extending the Microsoft Application Platform

Found this video on PhotoBucket, with quick overview (2:45) from Jeff Shuey (Global Alliance Director) and Koos Du Preez (CTO) about the company and the new Black Pearl product.

What Black Pearl does, it is a business process automation product, but what it really does is it allows business people to interact with systems essentially, and get those back-end systems to interact with other systems.

Some great quotes about the interaction with Microsoft products :

… uses the ENTIRE Microsoft Platform – including Visual Studio, SQL Server and BizTalk Server 2006 – pretty much the entire Microsoft product stack – with the exception of the XBox – and we’re working on that (!)

K2.NET Black Pearl on the XBox ?!?     Will have to wait and see !!     🙂

The video covers the business aspects such as process design within Visio, and some IT-oriented plus’es for developers.  And, the Windows Workflow Foundation under the cover – using WF for the very reason that Microsoft intended it !!

While you’re at PhotoBucket, you might also want to have a quick look at the (older) K2.NET 2003 marketing oriented video – highlighting National Pen

Click here to see this vid (2:53).

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