K2 “BlackPearl” Beta 2 – to be released May 25th

Thus far, have only been working with the “Beta 1 Tech Refresh 2” version of K2.NET Black Pearl. Beta2 includes a number of new and enhanced features – it will be interesting to see how it goes – and get into some more hard-core testing/dev’ing.

With the Beta2 release happening next week, the “public” beta release date must be approached – and I can cover many of the items/functions that are NDA’ed.

The beta participant email also includes some links to a number of whitepapers & (new) tech-briefs – for beta particpants only.   Better go have a look !

In addition – there is a (public) webcast been announced @ Microsoft events.  

Introduction to K2 “BlackPearl” Webcast – May 22nd

K2 “BlackPearl” provides the platform for a new generation of users to collaboratively assemble dynamic business applications from reusable items. 

Glen Bryant, K2 vice president, will introduce  K2 “BlackPearl,” the platform that gives developers and business users the power to create dynamic applications


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