K2 Underground Community Site Coming – June 4

There’s lots of buzz & hype happening around the new K2.NET product (Black Pearl) – including a re-branding and so forth, still using the same “green’ish” colours.

I noticed the following announcement on the K2.NET Forum site :

K2 Underground Community Site Coming June 4

The K2.NET Forum will be moving to a new location and getting a new name June 4. Meet K2 Underground, our new community-driven Web site located at www.k2underground.com.

In addition to giving our community site a new look and address, we’ve also made a significant investment to enhance features and functionality to improve your experience.

At the time of launch, the K2.NET Forums will automatically redirect to its new location at www.k2underground.com. I

f you currently have a username and password for the K2.NET Forums, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on migrating to the new site.

June 4th ??     *hhhmmmm*    Tech.Ed Orlando (U.S.) is scheduled for June 4-8 – co-incidence ?!?      I think *not* !!

Click here for the floor-plan – lots of exhibitors.   If you’re going, don’t forget to say hello to the K2 folk @ stand-245 – and grab me a T-shirt !!

I’m expecting some BIG announcements @ Tech.Ed – including the release of Black Pearl (Beta 2).    Make sure you RSS to Tech.Ed Bloggers.

Stay Tuned !


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