K2 launches the Underground Community site / Insiders program

Today is a BIG day for announcements, out of the Tech.Ed 2007 conference (did I pick it – or what ?!?)       P.S. The new SQL Server 2008 CTP is out now.

The K2.NET forums & blogs have been “opened up” to a more Web 2.0 style “user-owned” website :

K2 today launched the Underground, www.k2underground.com, a community-driven Web site designed to empower K2 users and partners.

“K2 built this site and will continue to support it, but the Underground will really evolve at the direction of our community,” says Chris Geier, K2 global evangelism program manager.

“The users own it. In a lot of ways, we are turning it over to them, and we are sure there’s great value in that.”

And – the other announcement was related to the “K2 Insiders” program, with a similar concept to the Microsoft MVP program :

With the Underground launch, K2 also announced its Insiders program.

K2 Insiders, about 20 people chosen from around the world based on their advanced K2 platform expertise and historical work in the K2 community, will drive much of the content on the Underground site.

Insiders are not K2 employees, but through their community activities, they will help others solve problems, discover new capabilities and get more value from their K2 deployments.

Lastly (kept the best news till last) is that I’m proud to announce that *I* am one of those K2 Insiders !

So come along and check out the new K2.NET Underground website :


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