Beta 2 is out !!

In case you weren’t already aware, the Beta 2 version of Black Pearl has been launched, with the invitation open to all :

Beta 2 release of K2[Blackpearl] and K2[Blackpoint] are out now. There are many incentives for customers to participate in Beta 2.

K2[Blackpearl] is a dynamic application assembly platform which has been demonstrated to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft platform.

Recent demos of Beta 2 has shown enhancements to MOSS, Visio and VS.NET.

Jey Srikantha has a great articles with some “musings” about what he likes about K2[BlackPearl].  

I’ve recently taken possession of a new PC, and have installed a VM for Black Pearl Beta 2 (last night) – so looking forward to some trials & testing. I’ll post some similar thoughts & findings soon – stay tuned.

If you want to have a play with K2.NET Black Pearl Beta 2 – simply email

Other resources :


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