Black Pearl has 15 databases !

Following the installation of K2[blackpearl] Beta2, I thought I’d have a look @ SQL Server 2005, and see what had been installed (databases) – all with a suffix of “Beta2” :

  • ArtifactLibrary
  • Categories
  • Dependancies
  • EnvironmentSettings
  • EventBus
  • EventBusScheduler
  • HostServer
  • K2
  • K2Log
  • Reporting
  • SmartBox
  • SmartBroker
  • SmartFunctions
  • WebWorkflow
  • Workspace


Will have to poke into these DB’s and see what’s being stored.  Some of them are small-ish in size (3-4 tables) – but each serves a different functional purpose. 

And looks like there’s lots of stored procedures and so forth.

Just looking – don’t touch !   The golden rule of any application server – especially a product such as K2.NET.

Who’s gone poking inside the WSS_Content database for Sharepoint ?!?     *aarrgghhh*

From memory, there was a K2 and K2Log database with K2.NET 2003 – but only TWO databases – not 15 !


2 thoughts on “Black Pearl has 15 databases !

  1. I am interested in seeing how installing BlackPearl on top of existing K2 .2003 would allow older processes to continue to work?

    If I install BP beta 2, what’s the method to export my existing process from .2003 to BP? Can I still use the .2003 Studio?

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