What’s in a name ?

With the Beta2 version now available for K2[blackpearl], I was wondering if the name will stick.

Often, a codename will get replaced and rebranded closer to launch time.  Like with Windows Vista being unveiled, after being “Windows Longhorn” for so long.

I think I like the “Black Pearl” name – and it abbreviates to “BP” – another acronym for Business Process – co-incidence, or just convenient ?

It got me wondering about the origins of the name “K2” – when talking with a work colleague.  I made some reference to K2 the mountain, with the analogies that Miocrosoft uses – like Longhorn, Blackcomb, Whistler, etc.

He said that the name came about due to simple developer “versioning” – like with version-A, version-B, version-C and so on.

And that the time to “ship” was around version K.

This makes sense as the K2.NET 2003 predecessor (which I haven’t ever used) was K2.NET v2.4 – would it have been 2.3 prior to that ?

Interesting – not sure if it’s true – sounds feasible – and from a reliable source !

J2.NET ??    Too much like Java.   It could’ve been L2 ??     Level-2 cache ??   

OK – we’ll still with M2 from now on.

Welcome to devM2.net !!


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