WebMeeting – K2[blackpearl]

Last week, I attended an online WebMeeting (LiveMeeting) hosted by Herman Taljaard from K2.  He said a quick hello, and handed over to Adriaan Van Wyk (CEO), who was “up-late” in Orlando, Florida @ Microsoft TechEd.

The session covered sooo much – lots to see – jammed into an hour timeslot.  A mix of business & technical, with a quick demo.

Some of the highlights / bits I liked :

Design a Workflow within Sharepoint / BlackPoint

  • Use AJAX designer integrated into the Sharepoint UI
  • Easy for business user to design

Export workflow to CAB file – and open (import) in Visual Studio (!!)

  • Add some steps, actions and outcomes
  • Save & deploy back to MOSS

Integrated into Office 2007

  • Open document in Word, and action task

Increased Security

  • Context Grid – view process, users, roles
  • Lower granularity – include security to task / activity level
  • Delegate task items / actions / in-flight change

Configuration Manager (within Visual Studio)

  • Right-click – change to PROD / DEV
  • Updates “servers” selected within server explorer


  • Can deploy from command line / msbuild
  • Install / config using Xml file -> k2 server

Source / Template

  • Located within Beta2\Bin\Design Templates
  • Use as example, encouraged to have a look


Thanks Herman & Adriaan – was a good session.   Made a few notes, will have to read through and investigate some of the above.   

Looks like it’s going to be a nice “experience” for both business user, and developer – as well as infrastructure (IT Admin).

Click here to see a recording of the session – might have to re-watch myself, and review what was shown.


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