Black Pearl Beta 2 hotfixes + Beta 2.1 next week

Sounds like the development process is ticking along nicely @ K2, with some fixes being released.  Just received an email notification :

1. We have created a “hotfix” for some critical issues with succeeding rules, document copy/move, records management and non-admin process start. 

You can access the hotfix immediately via the portal:

2. We will release a full-install update we are calling Beta 2.1 next week with numerous other fixes.

3. We will continue with incremental builds (both hotfix and full-install) through RTM and until we are satisfied that it is ready for final release.

Click here to access the hotfix (login required).

This hotfix addresses the K2 BlackPearl Server’s succeeding rule bug as well as the document copy and move bugs, records management bug and XML issues when a non-admin user starts a process.

Please keep in mind that this hotfix has not been fully tested – the following warning message is shown when downloading the hotfix :

WARNING: These fixes have not gone through full regression testing. Specifically, these hotfixes have had targeted testing which does not include testing in combination with other hotfixes.

You are encouraged to only install the specific hotfixes needed to address the problem you have.

Please carefully review the details on the associated page for each hotfix you install to verify that this is the fix you need and that there are no known compatibility or installation issues.


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