K2 networker – July 2007

The newsletter for K2.net has a new format, and is available to download from K2 Underground.

With the launch on K2[blackpearl] only THREE weeks away, the newsletter has some more about the new product.  

The business world should be getting pretty excited – it’s a great leap forward, regarding productivity – for business users AND developers :

K2 [blackpearl] is for a new generation of users to collaboratively assemble dynamic business applications from reusable items.

The centerpiece of K2’s new platform, blackpearl gives everyone in the company, regardless of technical know-how, the tools to build and affect
business processes

Other software companies claim to empower the business user, but they have never sufficiently delivered on this promise.

K2 blackpearl offers a suite of designers — browser-based, or in Visio, SharePoint and Visual Studio — and users can assemble scalable, secure, system spanning applications with information that already exists and code that has already been written.

K2 blackpearl is many things to many people.

It is workflow.

It is business process management.

K2 blackpearl gives you the tools to pull together your business processes, people, services, information and systems into a single application — a dynamic business application — that helps drive business.

Although its capabilities far exceed K2.net® 2003, existing customers can upgrade to blackpearl easily.

Click here to download the newsletter – and stay tuned to K2 Underground and K2.com – some exciting stuff happening soon.


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