K2 @ TechEd Australia – next week !

This time next week, a multitude of nerds will be heading to the Gold Coast for the annual Tech.Ed conference. 

I’ll be attending along with some SDM cohorts – and hanging out with the K2 crew and talking [black pearl] – and talking with other K2 Insiders.

I’ll hopefully get some time to blog about bits & pieces – and/or twitter about it.

Jey Srikantha from K2 will be hosting a few 20 minute “cabana” sessions – sorta walk-past & drop-in sessions (from what I can imagine).

Good for business analysts & less-techy people :

Wednesday Aug 8th  1:20 PM

Blessings of K2 [blackpearl]: Empower business users to build & deploy workflow processes  

Another more businessy-focussed session – integrating Visio & Black Pearl (this is very cool – in case you haven’t seen it in action) :

Thursday Aug 9th  3:05 PM

Bring Business Processes to Life: Model your business processes with K2 [blackpearl] & Microsoft Visio 2007

More about the Visual Studio interface, and other tools :

Friday Aug 10th  11:05 AM

Into the Depths with K2 [blackpearl]: A deep dive into the rich development tools & capabilities  

There are lots of workflow sessions @ Tech Ed – it will be interested to talk to people about “WF” as well as thoughts about K2[black pearl] – compare & contrast.

And, there’s some great news awaiting the launch too – just a day or so before Tech.Ed – very fresh news indeed.

Looking forward to seeing you there – come say hello to the K2 folk – and Grumpy Wookie !

P.S.  The launch of Black Pearl is on MONDAY !  

K2 sessions at TechEd


One thought on “K2 @ TechEd Australia – next week !

  1. Please come and see us at the booth, if you are attending, and we can deep dive in to real technical details…. We have some some people from K2 product team attending TechEd.

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