At the copa, copacabana

OK – maybe a bad choice of words, but the song is in your head now, right ?

Some of the K2 folk are discussing K2[blackpearl] at the cabana sessions next week – Tech.Ed Australia, on the Gold Coast.

As already mentioned – there are THREE sessions – here’s a bit more information / agenda :


Wednesday Aug 8th  1:20 PM

Blessings of K2 [blackpearl]: Empower business users to build & deploy workflow processes

Business users understand the processes in the organisation and now, with K2 [blackpearl], the tools are available for them to automate these processes.

In this cabana session we will show how the familiar MOSS and web-based interfaces allow a business user to quickly and easily design and execute a business process and how this effort can be extended by developers.

This one will be showing off the very cool new Sharepoint Workflow designer – with the ability to export as a CAB file, extend in Visual Studio and then re-deploy back to MOSS !    

If you’re familiar with Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer is “ok”, but a bit limiting – and you don’t really enjoy Windows Workflow – this will be an eye-opener.


Thursday Aug 9th  3:05 PM

Bring Business Processes to Life: Model your business processes with K2 [blackpearl] & Microsoft Visio 2007

K2 [blackpearl] enables business and systems analysts to turn their business processes in to live running applications. By using familiar tools such as Microsoft Visio 2007, an analyst can take any Visio diagram and turn this into a K2 [blackpearl] process.

In this cabana session we will show how the business processes deployed from within Visio can be leveraged by developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

We will also show how existing K2 [blackpearl] processes can be imported into Microsoft Visio 2007 and manipulated within the familiar Visio environment.

How many folk do process design within Microsoft Visio ?   Everyone, right ?    Yep – me too.   I’m working on a project at the moment, converting a business-y/spec within a Visio diagram, into a K2.NET 2003 process.

Well – you can now do it all-in-one.   Just apply the Visio activities to a Black Pearl process – and “deploy”.   This is great for a business user (B.A.) to create the initial design – and then a developer can grab it into Visual Studio for extending and up-shifting the functionality.

And – can then re-open it in Visio – very cool !


Friday Aug 10th  11:05 AM

Into the Depths with K2 [blackpearl]: A deep dive into the rich development tools & capabilities

K2 [blackpearl] empowers developers to build complex workflow applications without having to write lines and lines of code.

With K2 [blackpearl] developers can create enterprise class business process applications from within Visual Studio 2005 and easily deploy them to its host and to MOSS and/or other systems.

K2 [blackpearl] builds on top of the .NET 3.0 framework extending WF and WPF capabilities to provide an easy-to-use development experience.

In this Cabana session we will show how developers can build SmartObjects that connect to data in disparate LOB systems including MOSS, Biztalk, SAP and Active Directory.

We will also demonstrate how developers can efficiently extend on processes interoperability and dynamic forms designed and deployed by a business user.

This sounds a lot more involved – show me the code !    Well, you don’t need to do much code within Black Pearl – the whole SmartObject stuff allows you to define an object model that spans multiple systems.   Great for integrating, architecting, etc.

Make sure you come and have a look – this one will be the best of the THREE – for the techies amongst us.

Going to be lots to learn – I’m sure I’ll pick up something I haven’t seen/heard before.   

Please leave me a comment if you’re coming along to Tech.Ed, and we can meet up to say hello !


2 thoughts on “At the copa, copacabana

  1. Hi Chris, I’ll be there and looking forward to seeing K2 blackpearl “in the flesh”. There are also many neat seminars on Web 2.0 and it all seems pretty cool. Hope to see you there!

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