New website – !

I’ve been checking the new site every few days – and it looks like it’s gone live !

With the original K2[blackpearl] site, there was a lot of Flash animation – and the new site is more – and More- and MORE flash !

Looks very funky & trendy – and some great content already there.

A few “Coming Soon” banners – perhaps the site is in pre-launch stages – with the Monday release of K2[blackpearl], all will be revealed !

Some interesting product names, sounds like some re-badging of what I’ve been able to seen within beta’s of “black pearl”.  

Does that mean certain tools will be available separately ?    Lots more exciting news on the way !    

Here’s a few that have raised my interest :


Use drag-and-drop tools to quickly build workflows within SharePoint.


Assemble dynamic business applications without leaving the browser.  Users will be able to design, deploy, adjust and report on application without extensive technical know-how.


Play with it.  Use the full set of K2 tools to design, build and test your applications.


Visually assemble applications that use information that spans line-of-business systems.  Initial out-of-box integration will include SAP.

Some great product names – will be great to see what happens NEXT week – with the launch of K2[blackpearl] – the day before Tech.Ed Australia begins.

If you haven’t already had a look – go check out the new

And – watch the “video” clip from the home page – great animation & video – and cool music too !


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