K2 in recruitment ?

A few years ago, I worked for a software company producing software for the recruitment industry. 

These guys were a bit hap-hazard and chaotic (hacks), putting the “dodgy car salesman” spin on recruitment – my tenure with them was limited to the “4 month” principle :   

  • 1 month induction
  • 1 month to realise they’re a not-for-me organisation
  • 1 month to find another job
  • 1 month of “notice” before running away

While on the subject, there is actually a K2 Recruitment & Consulting organisation – but that just in NAME only – nothing aligned to K2[blackpearl] – or the company SourceCode.  

And – no, there are no K2 jobs listed either !!

Anyway, not sure if it’s the recruitment game, but the Recruitment and HR industry is certainly screaming out for automation – being a heavily business process-driven concept.  

Think through the number of processes at where YOU work – relating to Human Resources alone – such as new starter, sick leave, payroll, leave request, performance reviews, and so on.   And then there’s the “Recruitment” ones also – interview process, advertising for position, etc.

This is a the quintessential “human” driven area – (HR – no, really ?!?!) – and thus the paper shuffle, human-to-human workflow is big in this area.

Rather than create some “hello world” style applications & workflows within K2[blackpearl], I’m sure the HR style workflow would be something worth modeling.   I’ve seen the expense report and travel request been done to death – time for some new ideas.

I think I’ll delve into a sample “new starter” process – anyone willing to offer up any “flavours” of process to model ?     Manufacturing, Purchasing, Construction ?


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