K2 [blackpearl] is out !

After little fanfare, and a few delayed launch dates, it looks like the Black Pearl product has gone “RTM”.

While there are no announcements (as yet), I stumbled across the download link on the “customer portal” site – only a few minutes old (from what I’ve been told !)

So – will have to download it tonight (348 MB) – and try it out !!

K2 [blackpearl] is here.

It is the platform for a new generation of users to assemble dynamic business applications.

Visit www.k2.com for the latest information and learn how people are using K2 [blackpearl].

Visit www.k2underground.com to participate in community forums and get technical documentation about K2 [blackpearl].

For previous product downloads, please click here.

K2 recommends that partners and customers deploy the latest versions of K2 software, wherever possible.

You’ll have to login to your K2 portal account – look within the “product downloads” section.

There are some new forums within the K2-Underground site too – for all K2[black pearl] discussions :

K2[black pearl]

Release Notes


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