Looks can be deceiving <or> check out my new ‘do !

Well, have been able to install the new (RTM) version of K2[blackpearl] – and it’s out-of-beta – so I can blog about it !

It’s such a leap forward – there’s soooo much that is changed, extended, improved, and so on.    I’ve only been able to poke about in K2 Studio Designer so far, as I don’t have a Windows Server 2003 (VM) to install the BP server.  

Will get that going in the next few days – or on the weekend. 

Aside from the swag of changes, the first thing that (some people) might be wow’ed about is the new UI – all changed to WPF and funky graphics.   I thought I’d do some NEW and OLD screen shots – just to give an idea of how different it is.  

In a lots of cases, these capture the same details, but a lot slicker, and away from the old “Win 3.1” style of dialogs like so many Microsoft’y products – and more like “Vista” – or Office-2007.

I’m only just scratching the very tip of the iceberg – a wafer thin slice off the top of the iceberg actually !    Soooooo much more to follow – stay tuned.

General Properties

General Properties


Preceding Rule

Preceding Rule


Start Rule

 Start Rule


Succeeding Rule

 Succeeding Rule

Windows Vista ?

At first, I was thinking (hoping) that the Black Pearl server can be installed on Windows Vista – as my laptop is being re-built in coming weeks – with Windows Vista Business – but unfortunately, I simply misread the dialog screen for “dependencies”.  

It’s actually saying the dependency is “[dotNET 3.0 <or> Vista]” – as well as “[dotNET 2.0 <or> Vista]” – AND – the top one is the most important – [Windows Server 2003].    *doh*


Your turn

Have you started using K2[blackpearl] ?   Any stories to share ?   Don’t forget to post some comments – and/or join in the forums & discussion @ www.k2underground.com


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