Something left behind – machine.config

Following the uninstall of the K2[blackpearl] Beta 2.1 items, I received an error when running another project (website). 

This was on my local development PC (Windows XP), so I had only installed the following K2 components :

  • K2 Studio Designer
  • K2 Designer for Visio
  • K2 Documentation

ie. didn’t install the server components, or MOSS – not on my laptop anyways

When running another website, I had an error relating to “machine.config” – and found the following setting had NOT been removed : 


If you encounter the same problem – just need to open the file, scroll to the bottom – and remove it.

File Dir : C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG

File Name : machine.config

Just needed to remove this node – and all will be OK.


Not a big problem – have had WORSE problems in the past – when un-installing BETA version.   



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