Breakfast seminars – SDM show/tell for K2[blackpearl]

In late September, the SDM team are off for a roadshow to promote “workflow” solutions, and how they’re used internally @ SDM.

Yes – we dogfood the K2.NET 2003 platform – and have done for about 18 months already.   We find that this is the best way to learn, and can share experiences with customers. 

We have a few beta examples within the new K2[blackpearl] environment, with a project underway for further internal processes to be migrated/developed in Black Pearl.

I’ve worked at organisations previously, that push a product, but don’t actually use it internally.   That’s like saying “we know it’s no good – or there’s better out there – but BUY IT ANYWAYS !”

SDM follow Microsoft’s lead, in the whole “use what we sell” approach.

“The first customer is the best customer – the most pain, but the best lessons…” 

Here are the dates :

  • Sydney – Thursday September 20th
  • Melbourne – Tuesday September 25th
  • Canberra – TBC
  • Adelaide – Thursday September 27th

The breakfast seminars have the following “summary” :

Everyday, real-life workflow solutions that deliver fantastic returns

Workflow and business process management solutions are becoming increasingly more important and prevalent in business today.

During this session SDM will demonstrate and discuss their own internal process improvements and present the premiere workflow platform on the market : K2 [BlackPearl].

See a live demonstration on how SDM use workflow solutions internally to manage repetitive and laborious tasks such as leave requests & expenses ? thereby freeing resources to do more important & productive tasks.

  • an overview of workflow solutions
  • the new features of BlackPearl
  • a demonstration of the product.

Click here to see the full details about the event – I’ll be presenting & discussing with customers and partners – some folk from K2 will (hopefully) be there to talk to also.

All sessions are from 8 am till 10 am – with address & rsvp details found on the SDM website.

Win-Win with Automated Workflow: Streamline Business Processes and Reduce Costs


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