Installing K2[blackpearl] RTM

Have encountered a few minor issues when installing the RTM version of K2[blackpearl] – thought I’d share some experiences.

(1) K2 Designer For Visio

I’ve been using a VM that I’d prep’ed for the Beta2 and then Beta 2.1 instances.   Was easy to get the Windows Server 2003 ready, and then take a copy of the VHD file (backup).  Didn’t have to re-do the Visual Studio 2005 bits, Windows Workflow, etc.

But – I was able to install the Visio components previously – there’s a new requirement :

Primary Interop Assemblies for Office 2007

No problem really, it’s mentioned within the installation doco as a requirement.  Pretty sure that was needed before – or have I got this wrong ?!?     *shrug*

(2) Network Installation

Another key point that was a problem when installing previous – and still the case – is when running from a network location / mapped drive.

If you get the following error, just copy the installation files to the local hard drive (C:\)

network installation

Message is as follows :

SourceCode.BlackPearl.Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Again – not a big problem – just something to be aware of.

(3) Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers

When installing K2[blackpearl] with the Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers as opposed to Visual Studio Professional, the pre-requisites for installation do not detect it.  This is due to a GUID setting within the product.config file in the K2[blackpearl] installation directory.

In order to install using “Team Edition” – just make the following changes :

  • Open the product.config file using Notepad, or Visual Studio
  • Add the following text to the “alternate” configuration
    • section – BPVS2005CLIENT
    • section – HELP

<Alternate name=”Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers – ENU” guid=”{90613-246-0000016-41368}” featurename=”” featureguid=”” version=””></Alternate>

Click the following screen shot to enlarge, and view the changes to the product.config XML file.


(4) No project templates appearing within Visual Studio (K2)

I’m one of those developers who selects “reboot later” when finishing an installation (setup.exe) – but it looks like this is needed with regard to the K2[blackpearl] toolset.  

When opening the Visual Studio designer, the list of “project types” for K2 was empty.  I tried a re-boot, and the all appeared as expected.

The old “turn it off and on again” seemed to fix the problem – and probably should’ve done so to begin with !



2 thoughts on “Installing K2[blackpearl] RTM

  1. Unfortunately not all version info and GUIDs of the VS.NET editions are included in the productcodes.xml eg: Enterprise Edition. You can also delete the pre-req entries from the productcodes.xml to force installations šŸ™‚ – handy if you cant hunt down the GUIDs.

  2. Number 2 is a huge deal in ANY serious environment which is using packaging for deployment. Number 3 also shows how rushed this release is šŸ˜¦

    I’m still in disbelief that the k2 2003 upgrade paths were NOT a part of RTM, but are instead due “in 60 days.”

    Note: I LOVE blackpearl itself, just the pieces surrounding it are starting to annoy me.

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