K2 [blackpearl] Hotfix 1

An update to the RTM version of K2[blackpearl] has just been released.   This includes a few enhancements and defect fixes, and is recommended for all installations.

K2 [blackpearl] Hotfix 1 (4.7243.1.0) is delivered as a full installer.

Extract the zip package onto every machine where K2 blackpearl RTM (4.7214.1.0) is installed and run K2Setup.exe.

The hotfix installer will automatically apply the updated files for the appropriate components on that machine.

Logon to the K2 Partner and Customer Portal for further details, and to download :

  • Downloads
    • Product Downloads
      • K2[blackpearl]
        • K2 blackpearl Hotfix 1 (4.7243.1.0) – 19 MB
        • K2 blackpearl Hotfix 1 Release Notes (4.7243.1.0) – 373 KB

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