No such thing as a free breakfast ?

Well, if you had been in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Adelaide last week – then YES – you would’ve had a free breakfast !

The SDM K2+IW (Information Worker) breakfast seminar / roadshow is now complete, was a busy week.   These were business-oriented sessions, with my developer brain switched to stand-by, was difficult not to break into jargon & .NET lingo !

Thanks to the K2 folk for attending, and supporting our cause.

For those who were unable to attend, here’s a brief run-down of what was shown/presented :

  • What is BPM + what is workflow
  • What software tools/products exist in marketplace
    • SharePoint – docu-centric (human workflow)
    • BizTalk – integration (system workflow)
  • Quick example of a “human workflow”
  • SDM Case Study
    • How do we use workflow within our organisation (K2)
    • Dogfooding – 1st customer is best customer
    • Example : Leave Request
    • Example : Expense Processing
  • Organisational Roles
    • Business User
    • Developer
  • Introducing K2 – overview & intro about :
    • K2 Web Designer
    • K2 Visio Add-In
    • K2 Studio (Visual Studio)
    • SmartObjects
    • Workflow Forms
    • Report Designer
  • How to get started
    • Where can we use workflow ?  example processes
    • Who can use workflow ?  business verticals
  • Overview of some SDM customers
  • Wrap-up
  • Video clip

Was some great discussion and Q&A following the sessions.

Even had a question asking if K2 had been used to control robotics !?!    I don’t see why not, as long as there’s an API to interact with the robot machinery.   Would be a fun dev. project !

Another attendee mentioned having a paper-chase around their organisation, that landed on 12 people’s desk !    A prime candidate for workflow – and K2[blackpearl].

If you’re interested in hearing more, or a more depth insight into some of these topics, pls. feel free to leave a comment.

Have been attending the K2 Global Learning 101 course this week – will update more with some of my findings, & so forth.


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