Can’t deploy process – build only

During recent development, and deploying K2[blackpearl] process/es from within K2 Studio – I noticed that sometimes, the “DEPLOY” option goes missing from the Solution Explorer.


This appears to be a minor bug within the K2 Visual Studio Designer, which I’ll detail back to the product team – it may have even been fixed within the new Hot-Fix-1 patch.

From what I can determine, this option goes missing following the “debug” action, and viewing K2 Error Reporting :


This is a great feature, for debugging purposes.   You can simply view process/es that are “in error” – and open in Visual Studio.

But – a side-effect is that the “Deploy” option goes missing.

But – just by closing K2 Studio – and re-opening, this menu option is restored.

I guess it’s related to the fact that you can’t actually “deploy” a process that is in error – just for debugging & fixing.   But – re-opening another project/solution should refresh this list.

Oh well – nothing major – just close & re-open Visual Studio – and all OK again.



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