Merry Christmas from Santa K2laus

Seems like a while since I’ve delved into the goings-on with K2, and WOW – they’ve been busy.  A lot has happened in the last month or so.

Just for a taste :

K2 blackmarket

This is the new K2-driven code-sharing initiative – a-la CodePlex (CodePlex is Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site).

With the massive extensibility of the K2 platform, it will be great to see the knowledge transfer taking off.  I’ve got an idea related to the integration with LCS (Live Communication Services) – lemme know if you want to collab.

And I know my colleagues in the Microsoft CRM team are interested in some SmartObject integration – and don’t forget the Microsoft Project Serve (EPM)integration possibilities.

And MOSS (SharePoint of course) – wow, there’s lots that we can do !

Meanwhile, back at the ranch :

Revised corporate site (

Some new graphics, and menu’s – looking even slick’er !   It’s powered by K2 SmartObjects, in case you weren’t aware.

The following is an interview with Mike Schneider, who built K2’s new Web site on K2 SmartObject technology.

Q: K2 isn’t typically used as a Web content management system. Why did you decide to use K2 software to, essentially, build
A: Because Adriaan (Van Wyk, CEO) said so. He said, “If we can’t do this with SmartObjects, then SmartObjects aren’t ready.”

Q: And what was your reaction to that?
A: “What!? Do you really think it’s a good idea to build this Web site on a product that doesn’t exist and then launch the site, still, before the product is finished?” You could say I was very reluctant.
That was in February (2007). So then I started playing around with the software — and this was beta 1 software, remember. I was putting together some samples and things started falling into place. And eventually, after about a month of working on it, I started to think, “Hey, this is actually going to work.”

Source :    (link to full case study)

K2 blackpearl with Service Pack 1 (4.7285.1.0)

Have been trialling this in beta for a few weeks, and it was released on 14-December.  Contains some updated documentation and tutorials also.

Click here to download (requires portal login).

Have just been updating my VM to the latest package, and it’s just a breeze.   First had to check that the (pre-requisite) Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005 SP1 was installed, and that the K2 blackpearl service had been stopped.

Then there was a simple SETUP.EXE, with choice to “upgrade”.  The installer then asked me if OK to do an IIS reset, and then was ready to go.

All components were detected successfully, and databases modified – and just needed to re-boot !    Very nice installation – if only the SharePoint SP1 was as easy !

More on the new SP1 bits & so forth in following posts.

December K2 Networker

The most recent “magazine” from K2 details the SP1 release, and the new k2 blackmarket website – and a profile on fellow K2 Insider Gabriel Malherbe (naked programmer !)  

He’s had some great posts recently about the new realtime viewflow in SP1 (very cool), and an article about the “old way” in K2.NET 2003, with lots of code, fiddles and band-aids – compared to the “new way” with K2 blackpearl.   Now have the ability to do it with zero code – much less headaches (Actions leads to Outcomes).


And then, just in time for Christmas, the K2 blackpearl SDK arrived too !  

…contains the Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and API reference for K2 blackpearl.

Lots to churn & learn.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year – hope the “work”flow didn’t get in the way of the “drinks”flow.   🙂


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