SP1 Installation

Following the quick & easy SETUP.EXE approach to the K2 blackpearl server installation, there ARE a few things to be aware of, with regard to “upgrading” (all of this is in the release notes – make sure you read before installing).

Distributed Environment

This doesn’t matter in my current configuration, as we’ve got all K2 components running on the same central server – but be aware that the K2 Host Server Name has changed.  This will require some Kerberos / SPN config changes (done from within the SETUP.EXE).

Just be aware that you need to check the correct configuration is applied to the other servers in your environment – do some pre-checks of all servers involved.  Best to consider creating a “deployment plan” before starting.

Previous K2 projects

With the underlying Windows Workflow Foundation for all K2 workflows, the K2 Studio Designer actually takes a copy from a template directory – and fills in the gaps depending on the specific requirements for the workflow.

This template file is just XML really, but known as XOML.  This has been updated with SP1, meaning that any workflow projects “out there”, will have the old template file definition.   It’s a simple matter to update the schema, within K2 Studio Designer :

  • Open the project created using pre-SP1 version
  • Right-click on the GUI deisng pane
  • Select Update Design Templates…
  • Save & redeploy

Other Notes

Other items to be aware of relate to InfoPath integration, when using SmartObjects – and also for any Forms Generation Client Events, using SmartObjects.

Make sure you read the Release Notes before installing – and have a look at the (much) updated documentation and tutorials now available from Start menu.


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