New K2 Features (Beta)

There are a few new components & functions on the horizon to accompany the growing swag of K2 functionality :

…preview of a few new features for blackpearl that we’ll be releasing to beta in the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in participating in the beta for any of these components (as well as any future releases) please send an email to and we’ll get you signed up.

Source : K2 Underground

Here’s a brief run-down of what’s included :

K2 Studio

This is (yet another) workflow designer tool.   You can now create workflows using :

  • Microsoft Visio (see article @ for more about this)
  • AJAX Web Designer – cut-down functionality / in-browser SharePoint only
  • K2 Designer for Visual Studio – full integration functionality – call web services, any .NET code, etc.
  • (new) K2 Studio

…provides a more office-like design environment for business users.

This designer provides a drag-and-drop interface and provides a full set of design capabilities.

K2 Studio is a standalone application installed on the client machine

K2 Process Portals

This allows for a “dashboard” style view of the K2 world.  This is a more business-user focused version of the K2 workspace.  Less of a management-style function, just a bunch of WebParts that have different functions related to Process Overview / Instances / Tasklist.

Office Communication Server Integration

“Presence-based” is one of the new buzzwords from Microsoft.  The K2 integration allows for the ability to route workflows, and/or do something clever based on whether a person is “out-of-office” – such as route to another person is great.

…we’ve added functionality that allows you to route tasks to users based on their OCS status.

Maybe you have a critical task in your business process that requires immediate action.

Instead of sending the task to an individual or group of people that is pre-defined, why not send to an individual or group of people based on whether they’re active in Office Communicator?

It would be great to be able to send an OCS “Conversation” item to a person, and have them respond to it also.

eg. As a user, I’d receive an Instant Message asking if I approve something – and can simply reply YES or NO, and the workflow would intercept this, and process accordingly.

Once I get ahold of the Beta components, then will delve into this more.

If you’re interested in being part of the beta, don’t forget to send an email to

There are 12+ video clips available to view for Beta participants – from K2Underground.


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