Bluethread – K2 + SharePoint

Was passed a few videos from a buddy at Microsoft, covering the new solution application stack from Blue Thread.

They’ve taken SharePoint – and K2 blackpearl – and created a full-blown enterprise solution for customers.  

SmartDesk is a highly optimized and dynamic ECM end-user interface leveraging Microsoft’s technology stack.

Through configuration, it’s designed to aggregate work and required content in an optimized paradigm so users can make better and faster decisions.

Interesting to see a partner taking K2 and creating a solution / product – rather than a customer using K2 within their organisation.

Just have a look at the architecture involved – amazing !    … and K2 is only a small part of the overall solution :


You have to really see it in operation – there’s a few videos from Micheal Gannotti.

Microsoft Partners BlueThread and K2 have come together to in partnership to offer clients one of the most compelling solutions around application delivery on the SharePoint platform to date.

While I was in Tampa I had the opportunity to see a number of applications they have delivered and it got me very excited. Here was a powerful solution that is exactly what so many of my own customers have called for.

In this 3 part video series you will get an overview from some of the folks from Bluethread and K2 as well as see two demo videos around actual application implementations of their solutions (more of these on the way).

Also – don’t forget to check out the new “Geier At Large” video – featuring Jeremy Ragan from Blue Thread Inc – they even offer TIME TRAVEL !!

Will be great to have a deeper look at the new Blue Thread SmartDesk product, looks like it’s going to be a huge hit.  

I wonder if they have a reseller or partner located in Australia – and if not – why not !!?!  



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