K2 and BlueThread sign bundling agreement

Some more about BlueThread, from the recent K2 Networker newsletter (July 08)

BlueThread Technologies has always used K2 software as the workflow engine of its enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

As a result of a new bundling agreement, BlueThread will now directly integrate K2 blackpearl into its SmartDesk software.

“In addition to users realizing productivity improvements, the K2/SmartDesk bundle offers clients a simple and cost-effective means to upgrade to K2 blackpearl.

Clients can quickly configure process- and content-enabled business applications without writing code.

IT can now focus on ECM application rollout and the development of unique, client-specific functions and not be burdened with the overhead of supporting custom, one-off business applications.”

Mark Brazeau, BlueThread president and senior principal

And – there’s a further reading also (case study + press release) :

  • Case study – how Integrated Behavioural Health used K2 and BlueThread software to speed claims processing, improve customer service and increase efficiency.
  • Press release – how Bridge Finance Group used K2 and BlueThread software to automate its loan processing business and meet critical, 24-hour service-level agreements.

16 thoughts on “K2 and BlueThread sign bundling agreement

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