K2 blackpoint on Channel 9

Channel 9 (MSDN) has some great videos and articles – there’s a new one featuring some of the lads from K2, describing K2 blackpoint – hosted by Kirk Evans.

No-code SharePoint Workflows with K2 blackpoint

…is a tool built upon Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation that allows users to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly with no code. 

In this interview, you will see how K2 blackpoint makes it simple to create a workflow using an InfoPath form, route tasks to a user or group, send an email message, and send an SMS message, all with no code, and done in a very short period of time. 

Click here to see the video (16:52) :

Looking at Blackpoint with Shaun and Sebastian from K2

Some of the topics covered :

  • What’s the difference between K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint ?
  • Straight into demo – using InfoPath form – travel request
  • Publish to SharePoint form library
  • Create workflow using K2 Studio – Office-style designer with wizards
  • Process helper – forms library + InfoPath templates + views
  • Drag-drop form template to process – “that’s impressive” from Kirk Evans
  • Approve + Decline actions / outcomes -> InfoPath form – big WOW from Kirk Evans
  • Add user to approve/decline – roles, specific user, or to direct manager (using AD)
  • Originator + manager – another WOW from Kirk Evans (!)
  • Design canvas – for inking – a new use for the tablet
  • Send email + web service endpoint

Amazing to see what can be achieved in only 15-20 minutes – you could have a LOT implemented in a day or two – not weeks, months, etc…


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