Forms within K2 – InfoPath / ASP.NET

When developing a workflow, the participants (humans) within the process will need to interact with some sort of user interface. 

The usual suspects in this instance are InfoPath and ASP.NET.

Jason Apergis from RDA (and K2 Insider) has a great article following on a K2 user group.  

InfoPath and ASP.NET Development Considerations

The article covers the main Pro’s and Con’s of both InfoPath and ASP.NET, and their place in a K2 process.

There’s so much more to this topic – with many differing development aspects (code) and design aspects (InfoPath) that need to be considered.

In fact, there’s enough discussion to fill an entire chapter of a book – which is what Jason and I have done !

Wrox – Professional K2 [blackpearl]


We’re in final review stages for our chapter – the book will be available later this year (2008), with “Chapter 11” focusing on Forms within K2 – covering InfoPath (Jason) and ASP.NET (me).


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