Updated K2 release

The new drop of K2 blackpearl has landed – entitled 0807.   The last release was 0803 – so not sure what the number means – unless I missed 0804, 0805 and 0806.  🙂

There’s a swag of improvements and some new features that I’m keen to check out.   I’d used an earlier Beta of 0807 – and keen to try out the RTM install set.

The 0807 release focused on greater stability and better performance than ever before.

It includes various enhancements and performance increases for the K2 Workspace, the K2 Designer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and the K2 blackpearl Workflow Server to name but a few.

It also includes post-0803 patches and bug fixes.

New exciting features included in this release are Out of Office functionality and K2 Interop !

The K2 Interop is essentially the ability to open processes from the older K2.NET 2003 version.  Much like you would with a ASP.NET 1.1 (Visual Studio 2003) project – when opening in Visual Studio 2005, and upgrading to ASP.NET 2.0.

Of course, there’s a school of thought that says to simply “re-do processes” – to use new features, and re-visit/re-engineer the process – many businesses will have changed operation in the last 3-5 years – so a review, and re-design could be beneficial.

Also – there’s a new migration utility coming soon, which needs 0807.  This allows old processes from K2.NET 2003 to be “run” on the K2 blackpearl server – as opposed to opening and upgrading processes, just run with what was originally implemented.

And – without delving into EVERYTHING that the new 0807 setup will bring :

  • New Active Directory service – to retrieve & update to AD
  • Performance Enhancements
  • K2 Wizard Enhancements – stream-lined SharePoint integration
  • Documentation – many new topics, and Developer Reference

More info/blogs :

Some comments from Jey Srikantha :

(1) superior performance in VS.NET – much faster and efficient memory usage

(2) smartobject performance improvements

(3) workspace improvements & Out of Office functionality.

K2[blackpearl] 807 is here! Go get it!! 

Going to be great to try it out.  Click here to download : K2 [BLACKPEARL] 0807 (4.8210.1.0) 

NB.  Requires portal login – have to contact K2 for a login…


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