Updated Beta for BlackPoint (beta 2)

As if there wasn’t enough to read & play with from Microsoft and PDC (Azure, Windows 7, Office 14) – there is a new beta drop for K2 BlackPoint.

It’s now feature-complete, and the RTM should happen “this year” – or so I’m lead to believe.

One of the best aspects is that there is a take-to-market proposition for customers, with a 25% discounting if purchased prior to RTM date.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, and don’t know about BlackPoint :

K2 blackpoint software eliminates complexity and allows users to quickly build workflow solutions and process-driven applications within Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Even non-developers can use K2 blackpoint to create new SharePoint workflows that span libraries, sites, InfoPath forms, server farms and organizations; manage approvals; and route documents and list items.

With K2 blackpoint everything can be built without code, and users can assemble new applications from information that already exists and workflows that have already been built.

It’s basically the BEST tool for creating SharePoint workflows – with a bunch of wizards, reports and security aspects – and has an upgrade path to it’s big brother K2 blackpearl.   (This then adds Visual Studio support, and allows for hook outs to other LOB systems such as SAP, and via SmartObjects).

I’ve just installed the BETA on a local VM, and will blog more about some lessons learnt, and the features – especially keen to try out the new Silverlight designer !

Had to install .NET 3.5 – and Silverlight 2.0 (RTM) – and then the install proceeded successfully.

More info here :


Here’s a few screen shots (from the PDF) – just to get started :

K2 Studio – office-like workflow editor :


Process Portals – for managing process instances, security, etc :


K2 Web Designer – process designer using Silverlight – very cool :


Will update more with other screenshots / review / etc.


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