K2 Book is nearly out

Was a BIG effort from a dozen authors – as well as the folk at Wrox (Wiley) to produce the new “Professional K2 BlackPearl” book.

I’ve always liked the Wrox books – I first bought a SQL-2000 book, and then C#, and ASP.NET – and thumbed through some of the SharePoint offerings also.

It will be a real buzz to see the book in my hand – with my photo on the front !

They’ve updated the cover – to include ALL authors…>


(That’s me – 2nd from the left – back row)


Click here for more details – click here for Amazon, if you want to buy it.

Here’s the back cover also :


K2 blackpearl enables you to quickly build simple to very complex and dynamic process-driven applications. This definitive guide gives you the tools to evaluate, architect, deploy, and manage the K2 platform and its processes.

It takes you through everything from the market and architecture of the platform to approaching process design and developing your own custom user manager.

You’ll first gain a thorough introduction to K2 blackpearl and process-driven applications. Next you’ll dive into the architecture and installation options as well as process planning and design essentials for working with the main pieces of the platform.

You’ll then gain an administrator’s view into the software including all key aspects that you should know. And you’ll progress to more
advanced concepts and platform extensions to gain a complete picture of K2 blackpearl.

This book arms you with the greatest tips and tricks out there for working with K2 blackpearl so you can successfully transform your company into a processoriented, efficient business.

What you will learn from this book

  • The steps for identifying and designing processes
  • How to plan your development, QA/staging, and production environments
  • All about process planning and the concepts of process design
  • Ways to use the K2 Workspace for notifications, reports, assigning process permissions, and recovering from errors
  • How to build a user manager to plug into the K2 platform
  • Steps for customizing the platform and your processes to your needs
  • How to use data from SAP within your processes

Who this book is for

This book is for business users who want to gain a better understanding of K2 blackpearl as well as for developers who need details on how to effectively deploy and use this software.

Will have to put some ideas and thoughts about the NEXT book !


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