This site is run as an enthusiast non-company-sponsored developer site, having used K2.net and K2 blackpearl product amongst other (Microsoft) development tools.

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About Me

I work for a Microsoft Gold Partner company, located in Melbourne, Australia.

My skills are wide & varied – including (but not limited to) ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server and Sharepoint (MOSS) – as well as K2 BlackPearl.

My personal blog is located at www.grumpywookie.com – with a varying range of posts including discussions of technical bits (development), toys & gadgets, music – and general babble and my life, the universe and everything in between.



One Response to About

  1. Adeeb says:

    Lastly, I was assigned to evaluate a well famous workflow engine by K2 which is BlackPearl.
    I did a deep online search about and then I stopped at your blog. So I thought based in your long experience you can help me to clearly some points about K2 BP (BlackPearl):
    1- In your opinion, what makes PB better than Microsoft SharePoint, in terms of:
    – Can developer without any previous experience on SharePoint work on PB?
    – How easy or difficult to do the following:
    o Installation
    o Maintenance
    o Ensure system security
    o Usability (How much time and effort it will takes from a developer to learn/master PB?)
    2- In my organization, we are willing to provide a business solution by using a workflow. So not all parties that we will work with have SharePoint.
    a. Can we use the full capability of PB without using SharePoint?
    b. How deep can we go if we want to customize PB to meet our business need?
    c. If we want to integrate PB with our system/solution, is that something possible in PB? Is it easy or hard to accomplish?
    Please excuse me if you found that these questions are too much, but I really need help to take the right action.
    Looking forward to your replay.
    Best regards,

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