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K2 blackpoint Q&A at MOSSIG

Was a great turnout for MOSSIG tonight – to see the demo+prezzo by Jey Srikantha from jEyLaBs. Jey covered much of the functionality of K2 blackpoint; there’s just soooo much involved, that it’s tricky to show it all in detail. … Continue reading

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K2 WorkList Item Email – How To Change The Mail Template

With K2, there is (most likely) the need to create a user task – ie. a client event of some kind – using InfoPath, ASP.NET, etc.  And – all you have to do is tick a box and an email … Continue reading

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Server Code Event – K2 BlackPearl

One of the best aspects of K2 BlackPearl is the ability to include CODE – sometimes in response to an “event” of some kind – such as before or after an event or activity : This can be either “standard … Continue reading

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K2 Book is nearly out

Was a BIG effort from a dozen authors – as well as the folk at Wrox (Wiley) to produce the new “Professional K2 BlackPearl” book. I’ve always liked the Wrox books – I first bought a SQL-2000 book, and then … Continue reading

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Updated Beta for BlackPoint (beta 2)

As if there wasn’t enough to read & play with from Microsoft and PDC (Azure, Windows 7, Office 14) – there is a new beta drop for K2 BlackPoint. It’s now feature-complete, and the RTM should happen “this year” – … Continue reading

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Updated K2 release

The new drop of K2 blackpearl has landed – entitled 0807.   The last release was 0803 – so not sure what the number means – unless I missed 0804, 0805 and 0806.  🙂 There’s a swag of improvements and some … Continue reading

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Custom code in K2 blackpearl

As you may, or may not be aware, the underlying code of workflows produced by K2 blackpearl have Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) at the core. With the previous K2.NET 2003, there was a Notepad-like editor that allowed you to over-write … Continue reading

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