Forms within K2 – InfoPath / ASP.NET

When developing a workflow, the participants (humans) within the process will need to interact with some sort of user interface. 

The usual suspects in this instance are InfoPath and ASP.NET.

Jason Apergis from RDA (and K2 Insider) has a great article following on a K2 user group.  

InfoPath and ASP.NET Development Considerations

The article covers the main Pro’s and Con’s of both InfoPath and ASP.NET, and their place in a K2 process.

There’s so much more to this topic – with many differing development aspects (code) and design aspects (InfoPath) that need to be considered.

In fact, there’s enough discussion to fill an entire chapter of a book – which is what Jason and I have done !

Wrox – Professional K2 [blackpearl]


We’re in final review stages for our chapter – the book will be available later this year (2008), with “Chapter 11” focusing on Forms within K2 – covering InfoPath (Jason) and ASP.NET (me).

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K2 blackpoint Webcast

Received an email today about some more webcasts coming up – one is tomorrow (!) :

…we will demonstrate designing a real-world solution with K2 Studio (an Office-style process designer), using SharePoint-specific task wizards and integration with InfoPath Form Services.

The solution will include provisioning sites, uploading and moving documents, creating event items and creating a process report dashboard in SharePoint using K2 Process Portals and cover how to use the K2 administrative tools directly within SharePoint.

Recordings of the meetings will be made available to K2 Underground for those unable to attend.  

Click to see the recording from July 30th : Initial installation, build and deployment experience of K2 blackpoint

The sessions are open to all beta testers – so make sure you sign-up to the beta program – and attend one of the webcasts for more information and overviews.  These meetings will also give you chance to speak directly with the K2 blackpoint Product Team to provide feedback and ask questions.

  • August 13, 8:00 A.M. Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
  • August 27, 8:00 A.M. Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
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K2 blackpoint on Channel 9

Channel 9 (MSDN) has some great videos and articles – there’s a new one featuring some of the lads from K2, describing K2 blackpoint – hosted by Kirk Evans.

No-code SharePoint Workflows with K2 blackpoint

…is a tool built upon Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation that allows users to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly with no code. 

In this interview, you will see how K2 blackpoint makes it simple to create a workflow using an InfoPath form, route tasks to a user or group, send an email message, and send an SMS message, all with no code, and done in a very short period of time. 

Click here to see the video (16:52) :

Looking at Blackpoint with Shaun and Sebastian from K2

Some of the topics covered :

  • What’s the difference between K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint ?
  • Straight into demo – using InfoPath form – travel request
  • Publish to SharePoint form library
  • Create workflow using K2 Studio – Office-style designer with wizards
  • Process helper – forms library + InfoPath templates + views
  • Drag-drop form template to process – “that’s impressive” from Kirk Evans
  • Approve + Decline actions / outcomes -> InfoPath form – big WOW from Kirk Evans
  • Add user to approve/decline – roles, specific user, or to direct manager (using AD)
  • Originator + manager – another WOW from Kirk Evans (!)
  • Design canvas – for inking – a new use for the tablet
  • Send email + web service endpoint

Amazing to see what can be achieved in only 15-20 minutes – you could have a LOT implemented in a day or two – not weeks, months, etc…

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K2 and BlueThread sign bundling agreement

Some more about BlueThread, from the recent K2 Networker newsletter (July 08)

BlueThread Technologies has always used K2 software as the workflow engine of its enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

As a result of a new bundling agreement, BlueThread will now directly integrate K2 blackpearl into its SmartDesk software.

“In addition to users realizing productivity improvements, the K2/SmartDesk bundle offers clients a simple and cost-effective means to upgrade to K2 blackpearl.

Clients can quickly configure process- and content-enabled business applications without writing code.

IT can now focus on ECM application rollout and the development of unique, client-specific functions and not be burdened with the overhead of supporting custom, one-off business applications.”

Mark Brazeau, BlueThread president and senior principal

And – there’s a further reading also (case study + press release) :

  • Case study – how Integrated Behavioural Health used K2 and BlueThread software to speed claims processing, improve customer service and increase efficiency.
  • Press release – how Bridge Finance Group used K2 and BlueThread software to automate its loan processing business and meet critical, 24-hour service-level agreements.
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Bluethread – K2 + SharePoint

Was passed a few videos from a buddy at Microsoft, covering the new solution application stack from Blue Thread.

They’ve taken SharePoint – and K2 blackpearl – and created a full-blown enterprise solution for customers.  

SmartDesk is a highly optimized and dynamic ECM end-user interface leveraging Microsoft’s technology stack.

Through configuration, it’s designed to aggregate work and required content in an optimized paradigm so users can make better and faster decisions.

Interesting to see a partner taking K2 and creating a solution / product – rather than a customer using K2 within their organisation.

Just have a look at the architecture involved – amazing !    … and K2 is only a small part of the overall solution :


You have to really see it in operation – there’s a few videos from Micheal Gannotti.

Microsoft Partners BlueThread and K2 have come together to in partnership to offer clients one of the most compelling solutions around application delivery on the SharePoint platform to date.

While I was in Tampa I had the opportunity to see a number of applications they have delivered and it got me very excited. Here was a powerful solution that is exactly what so many of my own customers have called for.

In this 3 part video series you will get an overview from some of the folks from Bluethread and K2 as well as see two demo videos around actual application implementations of their solutions (more of these on the way).

Also – don’t forget to check out the new “Geier At Large” video – featuring Jeremy Ragan from Blue Thread Inc – they even offer TIME TRAVEL !!

Will be great to have a deeper look at the new Blue Thread SmartDesk product, looks like it’s going to be a huge hit.  

I wonder if they have a reseller or partner located in Australia – and if not – why not !!?!  


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Recommended Third Party Products for SharePoint Server 2007

Yet another recommendation for K2, when dealing with SharePoint workflow. 

This time from a trusted source – Bill English @ :

Bill English (MCSE, MCSA, MVP, MCT) is an industry leader, author, and educator specializing in the exciting SharePoint Products and Technologies product set from Microsoft.

In this role as Mindsharp’s CEO, Bill focuses on emerging technical changes in SharePoint to ensure Mindsharp continues to provide cutting-edge training and business solutions.

Bill draws on his expertise in knowledge management and collaboration technologies to teach and consult worldwide about powerful customized solutions based on the SharePoint platform.

OK – so what has he said about K2 ?!?

When it comes to SharePoint Server 2007, there is no shortage of third-party products that can help enhance your SharePoint Server 2007 experience and increase the ROI on your product.

In this blog post, I’ll highlight many of the third-party products that I recommend to customers, depending on their needs.

Not everyone needs every product here, but many running SharePoint Server 2007 will need at least some of the products.


K2. Need I say more? Simply the best in the field for workflows.

Source : Bill English (MindSharp)

The blog post also covers the following :

  • Collaboration
  • Security, User Account Management and Permissions Management
  • Search and Relevance
  • Document Administration
  • Upgrade and Moving Content

Worth a read-thru for any SharePoint implementations out there.

Click here to read the full article.

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More on K2 blackpoint

Seems like there’s a fair amount of buzz about K2 blackpoint, here’s a few other posts/links from out on the interweb:

Some information & details from K2 Insider Edgardo Vega :

  • What is it?
  • What can you do?
  • What do you get?
  • How much is it?

Source : Announcing K2 blackpoint

Here’s a few more links with some good information about K2 blackpoint :

And a few “announcement” posts :

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